In the spotlight: Arighi Bianchi

Nick Bianchi, Commercial Director
Arighi Bianchi

This month we sat down with one of our key partners, Arighi Bianchi to learn more about their business and company culture. Nick Bianchi is the commercial director and fourth generation of the Bianchi family, driving forward the infamous Macclesfield based company.

Before working within the family business, Nick had worked in various senior and high-profile roles; most notably as sales director for a leading food broker, PA Ross Ltd, and being the official Italian interpreter for Manchester United and England.

Tell Us About Your Role Within The Business?

I’m responsible for the sales on the shop floor as well as work in the marketing and PR side of the business with other family members. I also make sure that trust is instilled not only with our customers, but with our staff. We make sure we recognise our staff, remembering such things as their work anniversary’s and birthdays. We acknowledge and try to maintain both great customer and employee loyalty. We’re strong on employee engagement and refer to this as MBWA (managing by walking about), even my Dad goes round serving coffee in the café. Two or three times a week I’ll go out to see carpet fitters and delivery drivers, and in turn we hope that happy employees equals happy customers.

In your opinion, what is the most interesting/high profile/exciting project you or your business has worked on?

Every day is different! Working within a family business you are involved in everything, which certainly keeps things interesting.

How long has the business been operating and how long have you been based in Macclesfield?

We are 165 years old and the longest established family furniture business in UK, we have been based in Macclesfield since 1854. Antonio Arighi chose Macclesfield as we come from a fellow silk-weaving town in Northern Italy.

What's the best thing about working in Macclesfield?

Macclesfield is at the heart of our story and we’re so proud of it. It’s where our great, great grandfather put down his Italian roots and set up shop with the support of the local community. All kinds of people, from farmers to mill workers to silk manufacturers worked alongside him to build the business. Even though we’re now a long-established part of the town, we still feel a debt of gratitude to Macclesfield for our place in the landscape. That’s why we like to do our bit for the community and employ local people if we can. It’s a vibrant and hard-working community – 86% of our staff come from Macclesfield.

Do You Have Any Specific Future Goals For The Business That You Would Like To Share?

To Continue To Grow Our On -Line Presence And Look To Open New Stores!

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