In the spotlight: Embrace Marketing

Becky Reardon, Managing Director
Embrace Marketing

Becky is massively driven by generating powerful brands that have a big impact for organisations. She loves getting to the bottom of why brands exist and the human emotional side of brands. Having experienced both agency and in-house roles, she has instilled a holistic integrated marketing approach at Embrace. 

Outside of work, weekends are spent horse riding, renovating her 1760's house and countryside walks with her dog, Zac.

1. Tell us a bit about your business?

Our agency exists to generate powerful brands for B2B organisations with serious growth plans. Embrace is a boutique B2B branding and marketing agency. Our clients are typically medium to large businesses across industries including construction, manufacturing, technology and market research, but we also work with charities and education providers. We help build and strengthen brands and deliver differentiated marketing campaigns that demonstrate ROI.

2. Tell us about your role within the business?

As the Managing Director of Embrace, it’s my job to drive the business forward in the right direction. At the core of this is our team and I keep track of everyone’s development and recommend appropriate training and objectives. I’m very driven by fulfilling Embrace’s brand promise and we run team workshops around customer experience and our brand values to keep us all on track. I always keep one eye on the present and one on the future in terms of our sales pipeline and new ways of working and services we can offer.

3. In your opinion, what is the most interesting/high profile/exciting project you or your business has worked on?

We are super excited about our new brand model RiSE which includes a quiz we’ve designed to reveal the brand solution you need to add power to your brand. The model covers the full brand journey including research, brand development, brand awareness and brand equity.

We recently refreshed an established company brand and our client has received a 150% increase in enquiries. It’s fantastic when we see ROI from our team’s hard work and creativity.

A completely different project springs to mind too where we’ve supported the charity Narcolepsy UK with the design of a new Charter and assets for a social media awareness campaign. We always thoroughly enjoy getting involved in projects that make a positive difference to society.

4. How long has the business been operating and how long have you been based in Bollington?

Embrace is based at Clarence Mill in Bollington. I started Embrace in November 2015 from my home in Macclesfield and it’s grown from just me to a team of seven over the past 3 years. Our future plans are to remain in the Macclesfield area as we love the community spirit and our location in Bollington is idyllic based next to the canal.

5. What made you choose the Macclesfield area as a place to base your business?

I’d worked in Macclesfield for almost 5 years before starting up Embrace and never considered any other location apart from Macclesfield! As a branding and marketing agency generating the right environment is crucial for creativity. Having my dog Zac in the office and being able to walk down the canal at lunchtime helps create a tranquil environment which allows your mind to relax and ideas to flow more easily.

6. What’s the best thing about working in the Macclesfield area?

The people. Everyone is very friendly and always says hello when you pass them on the street. There are more businesses around the Macclesfield area than you’d first think and we’re fortunate to have a few clients on our doorstep. We make the most of our local area and had our summer team meeting and social on a canal barge and you can’t do that in many places!

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