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Ashfield Healthcare Communications

Ashfield Healthcare Communications is a network of multi-award-winning agencies supporting the Pharmaceutical industry.

We’ve grown to become one of the world’s largest networked Healthcare Communications agency groups, delivering compelling creative scientific communications, rooted in deep scientific and behavioural insights. But it’s our personal, partnership approach at local, regional and global levels and our constant innovation that keeps our clients coming back, trusting our experts as part of their team.

The roots of the modern day Ashfield Healthcare Communications are very much in Macclesfield, from the early days 35 years ago as Gardiner-Caldwell, and it still plays a key role in the organisation functioning as the global headquarters and accommodating 450 of the 1,200 global head count across 21 agencies.

Who will you see at Macclesfield Means Business?
Cliff McConkey
Cliff McConkey
Divisional Director of Finance

Cliff has worked for Ashfield Healthcare Communications for over 20 years, based in Macclesfield and has helped drive its success and growth organically and through acquisitions. Previously he has worked with in the Health Service and within an Accountancy practice.