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Macclesfield Town App

The Macclesfield Town App connects local businesses to local consumers using technology in a way that is simple for everyone.

The Macclesfield Town App works to combine the latest technologies with the needs of local communities, and engaging business owners and consumers for the benefit of the Macclesfield community. Their mission is to attract tourism to Macclesfield, whilst also making it convenient for residents to support local businesses, causes and events. This mobile app platform provides an easy to use interface, which allows users to quickly find the information they require.

Both Steve and Fabio have been based and working within the Macclesfield area for a number of years. They have a passion for Macclesfield and truly believe in the amazing potential that Macclesfield has to offer businesses, residents and visitors alike. They have built the Macclesfield Town App to put all Macclesfield has to offer at the fingertips of local and visiting consumers.

Who will you see at Macclesfield Means Business?
Fabio Mazzieri
Fabio Mazzieri
Co-Owner / Director

Fabio likes to keep himself busy. He set up Silk Fitness Therapy with his wife Kate and Mike Mason, Digi Comms North and the Macclesfield Town App in 2019 with Steve Morton and now in 2020 a new Macclesfield Business Networking Group. In his spare time enjoys red wine, Pizza and is a season ticket holder for the red side of Manchester.